cake balls (english version)

This recipe was born to remedy a disaster…I made minicakes, but, maybe, baking powder was  bad, so my cakes didnt’n rise L. I had some guests, I didn’t have any time or ingredients to make other cakes…and I hate waste food!!! So I began to think, opened my pantry, and I created another dessert with wrong cakes


Ingredients: Leftover chocolate cake 400gr(12minicakes); white chocolate 100 gr; coffe powder 1 tea spoon; Drambuie 1 table spoon;  soia milk 1\4 cup; coconut milk powder 1\2 cup

20130411_112027 20130411_112448


Put cake in a food processor and make it crumble. Melt chocolate in microwave(650w 2 minutes), It looks unmelted, but mix it with milk and drambuie and make a cream. Put this cream in the food processor with crumbled cake ( low power), you will obtain a compound that looks like wet sand, wet enough but not sticky. Make some balls, flour it in coconut milk powder and put in the fridge for half an hour J Enjoy it ❤

You can use this recipe with every kind of cake, even with layer cake,

Its superbe with orange cake, white chocolate, drambuie and orange juice, keep 2 table spoons  of  cake crumble to flour balls ❤



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